Behavioural Forensics.

With Lexer, behavioural data becomes accessible to business through cutting edge tools.
Build a view of your audience to discover actionable insights that decrease risk and increase yield.

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Online Media can offer greater insight to business than has been previously available.

Visualise conversations in real-time, analyse your data stream, and develop actionable insights in order to make data driven decisions accurately at speed.

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Start measuring the Impact, ROI and Influence of your content as it ripples through the Internet.

Produce more effective & engaging content by understanding its lifecycle by building an evolving content benchmark and compare against your peers.

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Build smarter, data-driven media that understands more than just the viewers cookie history.

Increase the relevance and effectiveness of your media by combining your internal data with our social, environmental and contextual insights.

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Together we can

Interpret Your Audience

Our clients benefit from a foundation of brand, marketing and consumer behaviour which underpins all our technology.

Build & Action Insights

Lexer helps you gain clarity around behavioural data through a unique mix of Technology, Reporting and Consulting.

Enrich Your Data

Integrate our real-time, behavioural, contextual, and geographical assets into your existing data.

Increase Your Scope

Make informed decisions with an open data policy, taking in all relevant data points from our social and behavioural sources.

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